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“2 Important Tips about Eating Well”

First, never go on a starvation or deprivation diet.  In terms of calories consumed, that means never consume less than 2000 calories daily.


Such diets fail.  They never work in the long run (5 years or more).  They fail for several reasons.  First, your body will resist being deprived by slowing down its metabolic rate.  It will react against starving by trying to conserve energy.  If you want to lose body fat, that’s the opposite of what you want!  Second, your brain will resist starvation.  You’ll begin constantly thinking about or craving food, which is a torture.  Third, your daily environment will work against you.  Everyone around you will be eating normally while you are starving, which will prove maddening.

The best cure is the 6X eating plan I’ve been suggesting in these posts.  By eating frequently, you’ll never be hungry and, so, never obsessed with food.  By eating plenty of good fats and proteins from natural (unprocessed) sources and keeping your carb consumption low and getting them from natural sources, your metabolic rate will be high because you’ll have steady, ample supply of energy to burn.  (Without changing the total calories consumed, merely switching from a 3X to a 6X eating plan can “burn” one-half pound of fat weekly for some people!)  In terms of your daily environment, you’ll actually be eating more frequently than most people–and those who notice may well envy you!

Second, stop eating when you are satisfied.  Though on a 6X diet you won’t get hungry, you will still have a mild appetite.  Though relatively low in calories, a meal of the kind I’ve been recommending will satisfy you.  If you pay attention to your eating, you’ll notice when you are satisfied.  At that point, just stop eating.

The common mistake here is that, especially on a 3X diet, most people don’t stop eating until they feel full.  If you don’t stop eating until you are full, you’ll eat about 20% more food than you would have eaten if you had stopped when you felt satisfied.  In other words, that phenomenological difference makes a big difference over time in your percentage of body fat.

The idea of paying attention to what you eat is very important.  I’ll discuss it further in my next post.

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