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Welcome to my personal blog! Socrates:  “the really important thing is not to live, but to live well” [Plato 48b]. The purpose of this blog isn’t to dribble out trivia about my daily life; instead, I only write posts that I hope will stimulate you to think better about living well.  Even when you think I’m wrong, I genuinely hope that you’ll find its posts stimulating and rewarding. There are six categories [listed on the right] that I find helpful in thinking about living better.  Please start with whatever category interests you most, and also realize that it is sometimes difficult to decide how to categorize a particular post.  With respect to the names of the categories, think of “moral” as relating to interpersonal relations and think of “spiritual” in terms of its root meaning denoting breathing or wind (as opposed to denoting anything religious). I’ve been a philosopher, a lover of wisdom, for over 45 years.  I’m still trying to live wisely and compassionately, which entails that I’m not there yet.  Living an examined life is a lot about constantly letting go and opening into whatever unfolds. In 1994 I became a serious zen student; I’ve been practicing zazen meditation ever since.  I regularly attend 7-day retreats and currently “sit” for two hours early every morning.  I’m an author.  I do regular strength training as well as brisk walking. For 32 years I taught philosophy and humanities at SUNY Geneseo.  I’m a graduate of Blair Academy (1964) and Syracuse University (1968).  I hold a doctorate in philosophy from The University of Iowa (1977). Please feel free to leave comments as well as to contact me. Thank you for visiting! Please be kind to yourself today and look at all others through eyes of compassion. Dennis E. Bradford