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“Are You Confused About What To Eat?”

Finally, the evidence about what to eat for physical wellness is in.

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“Why Everyone Is Dead Wrong About Being a Good Cook”

Being a good cook is not what you think it is.

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“The Truth about Evidence Concerning Eternal Life”

What kind of evidence is there about eternal life?  [Please don’t confuse this question with the related one about immortal life; see the two previous posts.] My answer:  There is knowledge, not just opinion, about it. Those who have directly…

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“The Truth about the Evidence Concerning Immortality”

Many think that immortality is a very important topic; if so, it’s good to understand the evidence for or against it.

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“The Hidden Confusion About Immortality Exposed”

When thinking about immortality, it’s foolish not to distinguish immortal life from eternal life.

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“Life’s Momentum”

Exactly one week ago I canoed on a river for the first time. I’ve had considerable experience canoeing across northern lakes.  The proper canoes for that are 18 to 20 feet long with keels.  They are often heavily laden with…

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