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A Dark Time is something very different from me: a mystery/thriller!

Why should you care?

It comes with a bonus that might benefit you, namely, a 20-minute personal strategy session worth $100.00!

If you are normal, there are obstacles between where you are now and where you would like to be. Why not get some help removing an obstacle?

However, there is a catch: I may limit the consultations to the first 100 buyers who contact me. Therefore, if you are interested, don’t procrastinate.

This post is appearing the evening of Monday, 21 May 2012. The novel’s official publication date is tomorrow. I’m notifying you first so that you can take advantage of the bonus.

A Dark Time is already available as a Kindle edition for just $2.99; just go to Amazon.com and find it in the Kindle store. It is available as a physical copy for $10.99; just click here.  [A physical copy will be available at Amazon.com by 25 May 12.] Both editions include the bonus.

Simple instructions for receiving the bonus and for getting the most out of it are provided in the beginning of the book.

Even if you don’t intend to read the book, don’t you think that a private, personal coaching session with me would be worth the price of a cup of coffee?

(Incidentally, this might be an excuse to buy a Kindle Fire for $199. Do you realize that they are a loss leader? Amazon loses money with every one they sell; they hope to make money in the long term as you purchase inexpensive Kindle books to read.)

To schedule the bonus,  just write down your Amazon order number and contact me as soon as possible. (You can even use the contact form on this blog to contact me. Obviously, if it includes your contact information, I won’t publish your comment; I am the only one who sees all the comments that come in.)

One review has already appeared about the book. Click here to read it.

I am putting together a website dedicated to the book. It’s at ADarkTime.com. Over 20 reviewers have said they’ll review the book. When I learn of additional reviews, I’ll put their links on that site.

Since I have never published any fiction before, I decided to offer the consultation bonus to ensure that I over-delivered.

Who knows?

You might even enjoy reading A Dark Time! If so, I hope that you’ll go to Amazon.com and give it a high rating.

What’s it about?

A college student vanishes. Her worried grandfather asks one of her favorite professors, Max Stephansson, to look for her. What Max finds is tragic. The suspense surrounding her disappearance unfolds to yield insight at the cost of danger and death.

A Dark Time is about the causes, consequences, and morality of cruelty (in the form of rape, incest, suicide, and homicide) and desire.

If it’s not your cup of tea, so what? If you and I have a good chat, you’ll be very glad that you purchased it.

Frankly, I’m looking forward to the consultations. They’ll enable me to know what your most important roadblocks are so that I can serve you better in the future.

As always, if you think someone else will benefit from this post, please pass it along.

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