A Favor

A Favor

Dennis Bradford

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I would appreciate it if you’d help me out by doing me a favor. It’s very quick and simple. My hope is that you’ll benefit from it also.

1. Click here.

[If the link doesn’t work, please just go to the Kindle store at amazon.com, type “Dennis E Bradford” in the search box, scroll down the list of my books to Personal Transformation: 5 Ways to Dominish Failure Almost Instantly and click on its title.]

You’ll be on the book detail page for my Personal Transformation:  5 Ways to Diminish Failure Almost Instantly e-book.

2. Click on the thumbs-up Like button next to the customer review underneath the book’s title and then click on the Buy Now button on the right side of the page to purchase the book (at no cost).

That’s it! The only catch is that it must be done before close of business on Saturday, 3 Nov 12. So please do it now.  (The book will be available after that but not for free.)

If you do, you’ll have helped me promote the book and you’ll have added an e-book to your collection at no cost. (If you don’t have an e-book reader or tablet and want to read the book, you can download free software from the Kindle store to read it on your monitor.)

If it happens that you are interested in the content of the book and trouble yourself actually to read it, please go back to the book’s detail page and leave an honest review. Since your download will count the same as if you had purchased the book, your review will be an Amazon verified purchase review.

Thank you for doing a favor for me. I’m willing to do the same for you.

As always, if you think someone else might benefit from this, please pass it along.

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