“Are You Confused About What To Eat?”

“Are You Confused About What To Eat?”

Dennis Bradford

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You are almost certainly confused about what to eat!

That’s especially true if, like me, you are a Baby Boomer who was born between 1946 and 1961.  We’ve lived through one dietary fad after another and so many conflicting scientific studies that it can lead to giving up on science.  We’ve been led into one blind alley after another.  Everybody knows from personal experience what the “yo-yo” syndrome is.

Well, I’ve good news for you:  despite all the confusion of recent decades, the big picture about what to eat has finally clarified.  So, what should we eat to flourish physically? Which foods should we prepare and serve ourselves and our loved ones?

Like all great ideas, it’s simple.  What to eat?   Eat what our successful ancestors ate. If you really want to eat well to flourish physically, all you have to do is to refuse to put anything in your mouth that is unlike something one of your successful ancestors 20,000 years ago would have eaten.

Of course, you don’t always have to follow that rule strictly.  Having a “cheat” meal several times a week is, psychologically, a good idea.  Still, for the most part, you’ll greatly improve your odds of enjoying physical wellness if you’ll follow that rule about what to eat most of the time.

Skeptical?  That’s fine.  Just don’t get stuck there or your skepticism will become mere negativity.  There are plenty of readily available books on the market today that are packed with specific recommendations about what to eat backed by sufficient evidence.  What books?

Here’s where to find a list.  Go to my website:  http://www.lasting-weight-loss.com/ .  Look down the menu bar on the left side of the page until you find the box that reads “Best Self-Help Books.”  Click on it.  When you get to the page, look at the books in the first section, which is on flourishing physically.

(Of course, there’s no penalty for looking at some of the titles of the books in the other sections!)

Pick a few of the books and read them.  I think you’ll quickly agree with me.

In my next post, I’ll give you a few specific suggestions to sketch out what may appear strange new territory.

Remember:  there’s no such thing as a healthy mind with an unhealthy brain.  Living well is difficult.  Why not make it as easy as possible by at least feeding yourself well?

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