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What are “backlink pyramids”? Why should you understand them?

This post presupposes that you understand backlinks. If you are unsure about them, read this short introductory post by clicking here: backlinks.

Let’s suppose that you have a webpage that is the sales page for some product or service that you want to sell. It’s called your “money site.”

Your goal is to have lots of high-quality backlinks pointing towards it.

Backlink pyramid

One way to do that is to create a backlink pyramid. Imagine your money site as the single site that is at the top of a pyramid.

The next level down, let’s call it ‘tier 1,’ consists of high-quality backlinks that point to your money site. You may create the content with the backlinks yourself by, for example, writing relevant blog posts or creating videos or posting quote graphs that all link to it.

The problem, you quickly discover, is that creating this content requires a lot of time and effort. You may begin creating it every day enthusiastically; however, you find that your enthusiasm wans after a couple of weeks. Might there be a better way?

You could use spun text or videos. There’s software available that you could use. For example, you could create 1 video and spin it into 30 slightly different videos that YouTube recognizes as 30 rather than as 1. So, you could get 30 backlinks from 1 video instead of just 1 backlink from 1 video.

Since this isn’t a white hat procedure but a grey hat one, you don’t want to risk having the links from such spun content pointing directly to your money site. After all, the search engine algorithms could eventually ban this weaker content and punish the ranking of your money site.

So, instead, create a set of tier 2 links that point to your tier 1 sites that in turn point their links to your money site.

Outsourcing would be another way to add link juice to your tier 1 content so that your tier 1 content would add link juice to your money site.

You could set up multiple tier 2 sites that each provide multiple backlinks for your tier 1 sites. This would boost the power of their backlinks; i.e., the link juice that they eventually pass on to your money site would be more powerful.

What else could you do?

In a similar way, you could set up tier 3 sites that each provide multiple backlinks for your tier 2 sites. These might be very low-quality backlinks such as using software that automatically generates comments for blog posts. This is such a black hat method that not many of them may ever even get indexed by the search engine algorithms, but, if you did enough of them, some might ultimately help boost the ranking of your money site.

This explains both the potential benefits and potential risks of backlink pyramids.

What could you do instead to boost the ranking of your money site without using any grey hat or black hat tactics?

A Better Alternative

You don’t want to give up content marketing. Seth Godin: “Content marketing is the only marketing left.”
Instead of interrupting people, why not give them something of value to attract their attention?

Here’s the big idea: set up an autopilot system that generates valuable content that is both effective and sustainable.

Let’s suppose that you have an ordinary WordPress blog for your local business. How many times a week should you post attractive content on it?

Once a month is too infrequent. Once a week is a bare minimum. Once a day would be much better.

How about twice a day? Obviously, that’d be better than once a day.

Is that sustainable?  Possibly, but also possibly not if you create the content yourself.

Question: do visitors to your blog care about who creates the content they find there? Not really. All they want is content that is valuable to them.

Therefore, you could find valuable, popular content elsewhere online and reproduce it on your blog. This is called “curation.”

You could do it manually, buy software that would enable you to do it more quickly and easily, or outsource it.

[We offer a service that posts twice daily to your blog and on up to 10 social media sites for just $199. monthly.  Just contact me if you are interested.  Although they are often more expensive, others offer similar solutions]

An important problem

Presumably, the topic of your business blog is your product or service. For example, an attorney’s blog posts will be about legal matters.

There’s a serious limit to how much busy, ordinary people want to learn about legal matters. The same goes for your field whether it’s carpentry or dentistry.

Remember: the more fresh content that’s posted to your blog every day, the better the search engine algorithms like it.  However, people don’t want to be bothered paying attention to content that is relevant to your product or service multiple times daily.


So, there’s a serious conflict between what the search engines want and what prospects want. What could you do?

A Great Solution

What if you could post attractive content 160 times daily to your blog? That’s about one post every six minutes.
That would certainly make the search engines happy, wouldn’t it?

If each post had a backlink to your business’s social media sites and they linked to your business’s money site, that would provide it with a minimum of 240,000 high-quality backlinks over the next twelve months – wow!

What, though, about what prospects want? They certainly don’t want so many posts daily related to your product or service. That would be annoying, wouldn’t it?

Well, what would they be interested in? Where’s the requirement that your blog posts must only be about your product or service?

What People Want

Well, we are people. What do we want? We want what we value.

Online, we value content that is useful, entertaining, or both. We also value speed; we don’t usually want to take minutes to absorb something.

Since we are all sometimes inspired by quotations from famous people, especially when they are presented in a visually pleasing way, that’s the best solution to the problem identified in the previous section.

Where are you going to get 60,000+ attractive content graphics that prospects would value?  Unless you are a graphic designer, you couldn’t make them yourself.  It would cost you tens of thousands of dollars to have them made for you.

Even if you had them, how would you get them posted to your business’s blog and social media platforms? In other words, how could you actually use them to generate over 240,000 high-quality backlinks to your money site?

Here’s a recent press release:

This is a wholly white hat system.  The content of the quotations is in the public domain.  The graphics are unique and attractive.  The resulting backlinks are like tier 1 backlinks in a backlink pyramid.

You’ll actually be purchasing the graphics and we’ll upload them to your blog and set up software so they drip out over the next year.

Therefore, each month for the next year your money site will enjoy the results of more and more high-quality backlinks, which will remain indefinitely.

This is a new marketing program limited to only a strictly limited number of marketers.

We provide this unique solution for a very reasonable one-time fee, namely, $4995.

Furthermore, because we’d love some initial testimonials, we are offering it for a whopping 70% discount to the first 10 clients!  Would you believe $1495?

Furthermore, our Better Business Bureau rating is perfect.

We guarantee at least 240,000 high-quality backlinks to your money site by the end of the 12 months — and there are more likely to be 300,000!  Just imagine how that would boost your bottom line.

If you may be interested and would like more information, just contact me, Dr. Dennis Bradford, at or (716) 408 – 0343.

Dr. Dennis E. Bradford
Dennis E. Bradford, Ph.D.

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    this blog is showing an understanding of what people want..that is very important in deciding what path to take…

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    Wow! a great solution to have more online traffic for any business. valuable contents that the target market will surely love and will likely share PLUS backlinks that Google really love to see which will result in higher online visibility and possible income generation.

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