Belly Fat Diet: How to Select One

Belly Fat Diet: How to Select One

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There’s a bewildering array of choices for the best belly fat diet for you.  What should you do?

I recommend thinking it through based on an awareness of the important facts.  Work backwards from the goal you want.  This is how to discover a clear, comprehensive plan that will be effective for you.

If all you want is a quick fix, assuming you stick to one, then any of the popular diets will work in the short term.

Unfortunately, sticking to one is the critical problem:  they are all starvation diets.  Short of checking yourself into a concentration camp for the rest of your life, how successful will you be at starving yourself from now until you die?

So, forget about quick fixes.  Forget about short-term diets.

Let’s here use the word “diet” to refer to a long-term nutritional plan.  What is a belly fat diet that will permanently reduce how much fat you are carrying?

If it is to work in a lasting way, it must be one you will stick to.  Why?

It is more difficult to maintain fat loss than it is to lose fat initially.

So please let go of the hope that there are short cuts or quick fixes that last.  The first step in adopting a belly fat diet that really works is to admit the truth.

Telling yourself the truth is very helpful in selecting a belly fat diet that really works.

For example, many diets involve purchasing special pre-made foods, supplements, protein bars, or shakes.  Are you going to purchase and eat them for the rest of your life?  Of course not.  So scratch all belly fat diet plans that require them.

For example, does a plan you are considering teach you how to eat well?  If not, scratch it.  It’s important to understand how to select natural foods that are good for you.

For example, does a plan you are considering begin with the critical fact that, although 99.9% of your body’s evolution was completed in the Pleistocene, you are now living in the Anthropocene?  If not, scratch it.

Here’s another important truth based on what researchers have found when they studied people who lost fat and kept it off for over 5 years:  they successfully incorporate exercise into their lives.  No effective exercise, no long term fat loss.

Does a plan you are considering included proper exercise as well as proper nutrition?  If not, scratch it. “Proper exercise” refers both to effective cardio as well as strength (resistance) training.  Why?  The idea is to decrease fat while keeping or even increasing lean body mass.

Finally, does a plan you are considering also include psychological aids?  If not, scratch it.

Understanding your motivations, setting realistic goals, getting effective social support, learning how to overcome obstacles, increasing your ability to deal effectively with stress, achieving greater autonomy, and improving self-esteem are all aids in flourishing physically.

So an effective belly fat diet is not only about what is physical.

Please discuss with your physician or other licensed health care provider the plan you select before starting it.  You may have specific medical conditions that need to be taken into account.  You will almost certainly find that person eager to help you get off the ups and downs of the popular diet roller coaster.

Using these criteria, you’ll be able to find a belly fat diet that will work well for you over time.

In fact, there is such a plan available immediately, for free, on my largest, most popular website.  Just go to:

My co-webmaster and I explain clearly and in detail how to eat, move (exercise), sleep and even think more like your successful Pleistocene ancestors so that you are able to enjoy fully the benefits of civilization.

We give you a clear program for cardio exercise (namely, GXP) and also have an extensive section introducing strength training.

We also provide a whole section on the psychology of successful fat loss.

Just let go of all your excuses and get started.  Don’t try to do everything at once; instead, select one new habit and install it into your life in the next month or two–and just repeat that process until you are flourishing!

Why not?

After all, being fit and strong and well-rested and energetic feels really good.  It may or may not add years to your life, but it will certainly add life to your years.

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