Do Protein Shakes Work?

Do Protein Shakes Work?

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Do protein shakes work?

Let me answer that question by telling you how they work for me and, even better, how you can obtain the best in the world at the distributor’s price even without being a distributor!

I’m not making any retail profit on your orders now, am I? So it doesn’t cost me anything to be generous.

I’ve been a distributor for the last 15 or so years for a company that is #1 in the world in online health and beauty sales. Mostly, what being a distributor enables me to do is to purchase products at the distributor’s price.

Although it’s the best of the multi-level marketing companies (the federal government considers it the gold standard), I’ve never built a “downline” of distributors I’ve recruited.  Its annual sales are in the billlions of dollars. They have terrific customer service and I’m glad to be associated with them.

Back to: do protein shakes work?

No single product will work well for everyone. It’s the same for protein shakes.

They are “engineered” foods and may contain ingredients (such as dairy or soy) that affect some people the wrong way. Furthermore, some people think that, even if their food counts are equal, liquid foods are not as satisfying as solid foods.

Do protein shakes work for me?

They certainly do. I relied on them almost exclusively a couple of weeks ago and was very pleased with the results. (Click here to visit the relevant post if you want and then return so you don’t miss the offer).

Do protein shakes work for breakfast?

They certainly do for me. Whether mixing my own from powder or enjoying a cold ready-to-drink one from the refrigerator, I’ve had one for breakfast for years. The best ones will enable me to forget about eating again for several hours.

Do protein shakes work prior to working out?

They do for me. Having one about 90 to 120 minutes before a hard training session is the timing that works best for me.

Do protein shakes work after working out?

It’s important to seize the anabolic window that opens briefly for a while after hard strength training. This is one time an ordinary protein shake doesn’t work well – unless you combine it with some high glycemic index carbs. (I have a page on this topic at another site; click here if you want to read it.)

Do protein shakes work to replace other meals?

Not as well as natural foods. However, they work better than so-called “meal replacement” shakes or bars.

Remember that your total daily intake for grams of protein should not fall below the number of pounds of your lean body weight. So, for example, if you weigh 200 pounds and are at 25% body fat, your intake of protein for a day should be 150 grams. If you do hard strength training, it should be higher than that, at least equal to the number of pounds of your body weight.

I hate it when I’m traveling and run out of protein shakes! If you have ever tried finding a decent meal at a fast food joint or unknown restaurant, you know what I mean.

Do protein shakes work the same?

Hardly. Just like anything else, there are good ones – both in terms of nutrition and taste – and bad ones. Some have way too many grams of carbs and, even today, some taste as bad as most did 50 years ago.

In terms of ingredients, Nutrilite protein shakes can’t be beat. (If you are interested, check them out for yourself; just click here and select “Why Nutrilite?” at the top of the page that opens.)

In terms of taste, I also happen to think they can’t be beat.

Want to try some? Well, it’s impossible to purchase them at a local store. The Nutrilite company was purchased years ago by the company for which I am a distributor. The only way to get them is through one of that company’s distributors – like me.

Here’s the offer: if you would like to try them, simply contact me and sign up as my customer. Once I have your customer number, I’ll reset all your prices to distributor prices! I’ll never make one penny on anything you purchase.

There’s nothing shady about this. The company doesn’t care; in fact, it’s good for them because they’ll be selling more products. It doesn’t matter to them if I sell the products at cost and don’t make any profit by selling their products at their retail prices.

You win because you will be able to receive their products at cost without paying the annual distributor’s fee. (I think so many of their products are outstanding that I’ll keep paying my annual fee anyway.)

Of course, if you want to sell products yourself at retail prices or build yourself a MLM downline, you’ll have to sign up as a distributor and pay the yearly fee (like I do). I’m perfectly willing to sign you up as a distributor if that’s what you want.

However, there’s no need to do that if all you want to do is to save money and time by purchasing excellent products at distributor prices.  Again, you’ll be able to purchase all their products, including great cleaning and cosmetic products, at distributor prices, not just their outstanding Nutrilite shakes and supplements.

Do protein shakes work? Why not find out for yourself by trying the best at distributor prices?

Why am I doing this?

Why not? I’ve very grateful for the life I’ve had. Helping you improve your luck will make me feel good, too.

If you want, consider it a bonus for reading my blog at least once!

It’s a concrete way for me to give thanks.

Simply use the comment section below to send me your contact information if you want to take advantage of this offer.  (Only I shall have it and I’d never share it.)

Even if you are not interested in saving money on nearly all your routine purchases, do you know anyone who is under financial stress? If you tell them about my offer, that’ll give them another concrete reason to feel good about being your friend.

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