Exercises to Lose Weight Quickly

Exercises to Lose Weight Quickly

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What are the best exercises to lose weight quickly?

There are 4 kinds.  If your percentage of body fat is too high and you use all four simultaneously, you will lose weight as quickly as it’s possible for you to use it.

Before mentioning each of the 4 kinds and where to learn how to do each properly, permit me two important notes of caution.

First, get your personal physician’s blessing in advance before using these exercises to lose weight quickly.  You may have physical anomalies that might make them counter-productive for you.  If you are not healthy, following these guidelines may be dangerous for you.  If you are unfit, work up to these guidelines slowly; if you don’t give your body time to adjust, you’ll simply injure yourself.

Second, the faster you lose weight, the less likely it is that you’ll keep it off.  It’s best to lose no more than about 2 pounds weekly.  The best way to use these 4 kinds is to use them only in accordance with your actual feedback.  If you are losing too fast, simply back off slightly.

The 4 best kinds of exercises to lose weight quickly are exercising dietary discretion, mild fitness training, intense fitness training, and strength training.  I provide lots of helpful details about all 4 on my lasting-weight-loss.com website; I have provided one link for each of the four types [below].

Unless you are willing to exercise for hours every day, the most important of the exercises to lose weight quickly is to exercise dietary discretion.  Here are some initial guidelines for eating well.  Assuming you are not already eating this way and you adopt these guidelines, you may astound yourself at how much you can reduce your percentage of body fat in just a month or two.  You’ll be eating the way your body evolved to eat.

Consume a total of no more than 25 grams of carbohydrates daily.  This is critical.  Since all carbs become sugar during digestion, this will shift your body from burning sugar to burning fats, which is what you want.  (Our bodies did not evolve to flourish physically eating sugar, i.e., carbs.)  For more on this critical point, click here.

Eat a meal every 3 or 4 waking hours.  Get at least 15 or 20 grams of proteins from natural sources at each meal.

Get about one-third of your daily calories from proteins.  Get a small amount (about 10%) of your daily calories from (preferably organic) low carb vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, and peppers.  Get most of your daily calories from natural sources of fats such as grass-fed cattle, wild caught salmon, game, and free range eggs.

Drink at least two or three quarts of water during the morning an afternoon.

The second of the exercises to lose weight quickly is mild fitness exercise.  Do regular brisk walking.  Get your heart into a target range of about 60 to 65% of your target heart rate and keep it there for thirty minutes twice daily, six days of the week.  Do your first walk before your first meal of the day, and do your second walk in the late afternoon or early evening.  Walking on a treadmill is ideal.  For more, click here

The third of the exercises to lose weight quickly is intense fitness exercise. Do interval training or GXP (graded exercise protocol) twice weekly.  The best machine for most people is a stationary bicycle.  Do not let your heart rate exceed 85% of your maximum heart rate.  Because they are intense, they are brief.  For more, click here.

Finally, for strength training, do a whole body routine twice weekly.  There’s no reason a single training session should take more than thirty or forty minutes.  Begin one session with (some variation of) deadlifts and begin the other session with (some variation of) squats.  Stick to basic exercises such as presses, rows, dips, and chins and do some injury prevention work as well (for example, L-flyes and side bends).  For more, click here.

That’s it!  For most people, this will require some dramatic changes.  For that reason, if you aren’t doing any of them, it would be best to install these rituals in your life no faster than one per month for four months.  If you try to change everything at once, you are more likely to fail.  Give yourself a break!

If you follow this program, you are going to enjoy dramatic improvements in how you look and feel and, probably, how healthy you are in just six or twelve months.  You may feel younger and more energetic than you have in years!

Each of the 4 kinds of exercise has a synergistic effect on the others.  Each is helpful individually, but they are really, really effective as a package.

This is exactly the way that natural fitness models and bodybuilders (and others who emulate them such as many movie stars) train.  It is probably not dissimilar to the physical activity patterns of our successful Stone Age ancestors.

If you have never tried it and adapt it on a continuing basis, you are going to love your results!

[If you have the impulse, please leave a comment on this post.  The comments likely to be most helpful to others are based on your own personal experience.]

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  1. June Rose

    Wow! Just doing these four easy steps, I can easily lose weight and have a healthy and fitted body. I better start reducing the carbohydrates intake and do mild fitness exercise through brisk walking. Then slowly follow the intense fitness exercise through biking and even attending dance class; then add strength training by doing squats. Thanks for the quick guide! I will start to go back in shape. 🙂

    05/07/2017 at 12:20 am

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