Exercises to Lose Weight Quickly

Exercises to Lose Weight Quickly

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Do you ever wonder, “What are the best exercises to lose weight quickly?

If you are like me, there are times when a quick reduction in body fat would be very helpful.  Those are the times you’d really like to know how to lose weight quickly.

For example, when you are losing weight at a sustainable rate of 1 or 2 pounds weekly and hit a sticking point, you realize that you must blast through that plateau if you are to continue making progress.  Perhaps there’s a special occasion, such as a reunion or a wedding, coming up and you just want to look better.

If you are healthy, relatively fit, and have your physician’s blessing, I present in this post a program involving the best exercises to lose weight quickly that might work excellently for you.

If your percentage of body fat is under 10% if you are male or under 15% if you are female, the exercises to lose weight quickly presented here will still work, but you won’t see the dramatic, rapid decreases that fatter people will see.

So, what are the best exercises to lose weight quickly?

Of course, nobody knows the future.  Making the usual assumption that future correlations will be sufficiently similar to past correlations, for the simple reason that it works, I take my answer from what bodybuilders preparing for a contest actually do.  (For more about this, see Larry Pepe’s The Precontest Bible.)

All things considered, walking is the best exercise.  So it’s not surprising that walking is the best of the best exercises to lose weight quickly.  The chief idea here is simply to do more walking.

If you are willing to do that, to do some brief interval training, and to follow a low carbohydrate diet, it should be realistic for you to lose a significant amount of weight in just several weeks.

This program presupposes that you are already actually walking at least 2 miles in just under 30 minutes six times weekly.  If you are not, first work up slowly to doing that before you implement this three-step program.

First, double your walking.  Walk those 2 miles briskly in the morning and again in the evening.  When you are doing that with no difficulties (such as shin splints), go on to the next step.

Second, double your walking again.  Walk 4 miles briskly in the morning and again in the evening.  When you are doing that with no difficulties, go on to the next step.

Third, add a brief session of interval training in the middle of the day.  That’s it!

On my weight loss site (http://www.lasting-weight-loss.com), I provide detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to initiate and sustain an effective walking program and on how to do GXP interval training.  If you don’t already understand exactly what to do, teach yourself.  You must use a heart rate monitor for interval training.

From the standpoint of our prehistoric ancestors, that’s not a lot of exercise.  From our standpoint, though, it is.

Question:  if you eat as much as you like while using these exercises to lose weight quickly, are you going to lose weight quickly?  Of course not.

It’s not only important to eat well, it’s important to get sufficient rest and recovery.  I explain exactly how to do that on my weight loss site.  You should, for example, be eating at least 5 meals daily, consuming plenty of water, and getting plenty of sleep.

Here’s the most important requirement for maximizing the benefits you will obtain from this program of exercises to lose weight quickly:  consume no more than 25 grams of carbohydrates daily.

Don’t worry:  there is no minimum daily requirement for carbohydrates!  Having a few servings of (preferably organic) low carbohydrate vegetables daily is a good idea, but, for being healthy, you don’t need to consume any carbohydrates at all.

Unless you are already following a low carbohydrate diet, this may be the most difficult part of maximizing the benefits you get from exercises to lose weight quickly.  However, if you make no exceptions, most of the difficulty will be over in just 48 or 72 hours.  Why?

It takes that long for your body to shift from burning sugar to burning fat.  All carbohydrates, when digested, become sugar.  Therefore, when we eat lots of carbs, we are fueling ourselves with sugar.

That’s not desirable.  What we want is to fuel ourselves with fat, particularly stored body fat.  That’s the only way to improve your body composition.  Therefore, it’s necessary to limit carbohydrate consumption to enable your body to burn fat.

Unless you are diabetic or your physician advises it however, you do not have to stay on a low carbohydrate diet forever.  In fact, you don’t have to stay on this program of exercises to lose weight quickly forever.  What should you do when you reach the percentage of body fat that you desire?

Simply back off this program.  Make a change and observe the results.  If you are not compromising the results of your hard work from this program of exercises to lose weight quickly, make an additional change.  Here’s the sequence:

With respect to carbs, double daily consumption.  Then triple daily consumption.

With respect to exercises to lose weight quickly, eliminate one daily walk.  Eliminate four weekly interval training sessions and replace two of them with strength training sessions (to build muscle mass).  Reduce your remaining daily walk from 60 to 30 minutes.  Always ensure that you are getting one day weekly with no formal exercise.

So, in two or three months, you may be doing six 30 minute walks weekly, 2 interval training sessions weekly, and 2 strength-training sessions weekly.  That is a program that you may sustain until your dotage while enjoying a greatly reduced percentage of body fat.

If you have any comments or questions on this program of exercises to lose weight quickly, please use the comment section below.  Just do it — and you should amaze yourself and others with your quick transformation!

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