“How To Write a Blog”

“How To Write a Blog”

Dennis Bradford

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Are you interested in understanding how to write a blog?  If so, this blog post is a good place to start.

If all you are interested in is having a personal blog for vanity’s sake, it’s free and easy to begin.  This is a WordPress blog, which is what I recommend.  If you have any difficulty whatsoever setting it up, you can do a Google search and get some technical help.

If you want to start a free blog as simply as possible, though I haven’t used it myself, I’ve read that blogger.com, which is run by Google, is even easier than WordPress.

The Buddha said, “If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart” (The Dhammapada, Easwaran, tr.).  If you are going to trouble yourself to learn how to write a blog and then actually write one, why not do it well?

In this case, doing it well means creating excellent content and informing others about that content.  If you don’t create the best content you are capable of creating, why bother?  If you create good content and don’t market it to others, why bother creating that content in the first place?

In fact, if you work hard, you may eventually be able to monetize your blog, in other words, make money with it.  To work hard on your blog is to create an excellent post every day, or nearly every day, and also to do some marketing for your blog every day.

Before you decide to proceed, here are five questions to ask yourself:

*Do I enjoy reading?

*Have I sometimes thought after reading someone else’s blog, “I could do better than that?”

*Have I had a recurring desire to write?

*Am I willing to work very hard to write well?

*Am I interested in words?  (In other words, am I interested in their etymologies and shades of meaning?  Am I fascinated by how they sound?  Do their combinations sometimes excite me?)

If so, consider pursuing this more.  One fellow who has a lot to say on blogging is Yaro Starak.  He has a free blog tips email newsletter at entrepreneurs-journey.com.  He provides free videos on how to set up your own blog at BecomeABlogger.com.  I recommend his free e-book Blog Profits Bluebprint; you will be able to download a copy when you sign up for his newsletter.

Blogging may or may not be for you.  If you commit yourself wholeheartedly to it, learn from your mistakes, and persist, you won’t only learn how to write a blog, but also you’ll master blogging.  If you do, good for you!

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