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Life Energy

Do you realize that it is possible to experience your life energy directly?

The possibility of doing so was realized thousands of years ago. There are meditative practices about doing an “inner” body scan. It’s recently been popularized by such teachers as Thich Nhat Hanh and Eckhart Tolle

Isn’t there far too much concern about the external form and appearance of our bodies?

After all, physical objects are ultimately shimmering clumps of energy. Anyone who has ever cared for a house or an automobile realizes that they deterioriate as time goes by; they never stay the same. All of us are aging and, so, we are sometimes very aware that our bodies are in incessant flux.

It’s extremely useful to let go of thinking (conceptualizing) about our bodies. It’s extremely useful to bypass our intellects and directly experience them.


By doing so you are freeing yourself from identification with your body. Yes, of course, you are your body, but you are much more than your body. To get stuck only identifying with your body eliminates the possibility of identifying with more than your body.

In fact, practicing the following exercise regularly to become aware of your aliveness may also benefit your body by strengthening its ability to heal itself.

Here’s one way to do it. Become physically still in a quiet place. For example, lie flat on your back with your hands resting comfortably on the tops of your hips. Close your eyes.

Become aware of the life energy in your hands.

Do not think about the life energy in your hands. Do not ask your intellect if there is life energy in your hands. Let go of thinking and just focus on the life energy that is in your hands.

Don’t worry: it’s there. Just notice it. Simply become aware of it. Hold your attention there.

You may notice a slight tingling in them. As you practice the exercise more and more, you may notice a sensation of energy or aliveness. (As usual, language doesn’t work well in such matters!)

Practice this every day for a few days. Soon you may not even have to close your eyes or be still to feel it.

Then extend your focus in sequence to various other parts of your body such as your feet, legs, arms, stomach, chest, and so on. Eventually, you’ll be able to experience directly the aliveness throughout your body.

Make this exercise into a habit. It’s not only a way of feeling more alive in the present moment, it’s a way of getting beyond the prison of conceptual thinking.

Please help yourself! You’ll be glad that you did.

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