Lose Weight for Free Fast

Lose Weight for Free Fast

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If you really want to lose weight for free fast, adopt the following five principles for just one month and you may be astounded at your results.

There’s nothing here that is controversial or dangerous for healthy people.  Still, it’s always a good idea not to make major changes in your dietary or exercise habits without the prior blessing of your personal physician.

Lose weight for free fast principle #1:  Starting soon after you arise in the morning, eat a meal every 4 waking hours.  Eat five meals daily.

Assuming that each meal has sufficient protein (see the next principle), this will keep your body in a positive nitrogen balance all day long.  This is good, because a negative nitrogen balance indicates that your body is decreasing its quantity of lean muscle.  So eating this way will maximize muscle, which is good because muscle is much more metabolically active than fat.  It will also keep your body burning calories by digesting protein.

Furthermore, eating this way will minimize hunger.  It’s not good to be hungry.  Hunger is a signal that your body is beginning to starve to death.  During the day you’ll have to wait less than 120 minutes until your next meal.

Lose weight for free fast principle #2:  Each meal should be low in carbs and have plenty of protein and (good) fats. No meal should have more than 5 grams of (net) carbs.  Each meal should have at least 15 grams of proteins if you are female and 20 grams if you are male.  The rest of your calories should come from natural fats, which are high in omega 3 fatty acids.

When digested, all carbs become sugar.  If you are too heavy, it’s quite likely that you are consuming too many carbs.  You want your body burning fat rather than sugar, and the only way to do that is to limit your intake of carbs.

Ensure that no meal has more than 5 grams of carbs, for a daily total of not more than 25 grams.   (You can find food counts online for free or buy a food counts book.) Following just this principle will have an enormous positive impact on how you feel and how you look.  It may well also provide a major benefit to your health.

Don’t worry about consuming natural fats to lose weight.  Most of your calories should come from fats.

Get your carbs from low-carb (preferably organic) vegetables.  Avoid fruits and fruit juices.  (Don’t worry:  all the beneficial phytonutrients and fiber available in fruits are also available in vegetables.)

Lose weight for free fast principle #3:  Eat foods that are as close as possible to the foods your prehistoric ancestors ate.

You are the successful product of millions of years of evolution.  Your genes are 99.9% the same as your ancestors 20,000 years ago, i.e., before the agricultural revolution.  Your body evolved to flourish physically eating natural foods.  So, if you want to be as healthy as possible and to lose weight, stop eating unnatural foods.

Especially avoid all processed (refined) grains and foods made from them.

Avoid meats from animals raised unnaturally in feedlots and given antibiotics and hormones; instead, eat grass-fed cattle and bison.  Similarly, only eat free-range chickens and their eggs.  Eat wild caught fish, especially from the deep sea, and not fish raised in fish farms.

Before you consume something, simply ask yourself:  could my successful ancestors 20,000 years ago have eaten this (or something very close to it)?  If not, seriously resist putting it in your mouth.

Lose weight for free fast principle #4:  Walk! Get moving.  Walk briskly for at least 30 minutes daily — and 45 minutes would be better.

(If you don’t walk and want some guidance on exactly how to begin, I’ve several introductory pages (including two different routines for beginners) on my website, e.g., http://www.lasting-weight-loss.com/walking-for-weight-loss.html .)

Lose weight for free fast principle #5:  Drink plenty of clean water.

How much?  That depends upon a variety of factors.  For most people, though, two quarts daily is a good minimum and three quarts daily would be better.

‘Water’ means water.  It doesn’t mean milk (your ancestors didn’t drink milk!) or soda or energy drinks or coffee or tea or even diet soda.

Consume small amounts throughout the morning and afternoon.  This will do a lot to prevent thirst.  Thirst isn’t good.  It’s a painful signal that your body is beginning to die of dehydration.  At least for us lucky North Americans, there’s no more reason ever to be thirsty than there is ever to be hungry.

That’s it!  You now understand how to lose weight for free fast.  Eating properly is the king, and exercising properly is the queen.

To keep weight off, it’s very important also to do strength training in order to increase your muscle mass.  However, since that won’t work quickly, I leave it for another time.  (For some specific guidance on exactly how to begin strength training, I’ve a number of introductory pages (including routines) at my website, e.g., http://www.lasting-weight-loss.com/weightlifting-exercises.html .)

Test these principles for yourself.  They work.  You’ll be delighted that you did!

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    Best wishes

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