Personal Transformation Series

Personal Transformation Series

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I’m enthusiastic about a new series on personal transformation and revitalization – but don’t purchase anything!

Instead, if you haven’t already, sign up for the RSS feed from this blog and you’ll automatically be notified when the books are available for free downloads as ebooks for Kindle or Nook.

Unfortunately, if you want physical books, you will have to purchase those; because of their production costs, I shall be unable to give them away.

Have you ever thought of self-publishing a book?

It can be a really good idea. For example, suppose that you offer a service such as carpentry, accounting, or real estate. Write a short book that would genuinely benefit prospects and, instead giving out a business card like everyone else, hand out a copy of your own book! The cost of publishing it would be a tax deductible business expense. If your book is short, you may be able to purchase physical copies as its author for only $2 or $3. Consider, too, handing it to a prospective employer!

How much more would prospects be impressed to receive your book rather than your business card? They’d immediately take you for an expert and, so, be much more likely to become clients, customers, or patients.

My series on personal transformation, though, isn’t promoting anything except ideas for living better.

The plan calls for a 5 volume series. Again, you may have each book free. If you don’t have an ebook reader, that’s not a problem: you may simply download software, for free, from Amazon that will enable to read the books on your computer monitor.

Volume 1 of the personal transformation series is “5 Ways to Diminish Failure Almost Instantly.” This is an expanded version of the original book by that name that I published in 2008. Its new cover appears at the end of this post.

Why consider reading it? To undermine dissatisfactions. It’s normal to be dissatisfied – and optional! The results that you are either enjoying or enduring in life are the products of your actions (both speech and nonverbal behaviors). Those actions are the products of your thoughts. Insight requires almost no time.

So, insight that improves thoughts can quickly produce better results. My hope is that “5 Ways” will improve any confusion you may have about five important ideas, namely, simplicity, dissatisfactions, emotions, perceptions, and happiness.

Volume 2 of the personal transformation series is “The Three Things the Rest of Us Should Know about Zen Training.” It will be the second edition of the book that was originally published in 2007 — with an added appendix that answers the most important additional questions someone may have about practicing zen. This is not a how-to book; it’s a book about zazen meditation, a “why” book.

Volume 3 of the personal transformation series is “The Meditative Approach to Philosophy.” It’s a brief introduction to philosophy. It’s about the nature of philosophy and philosophers. It is a how-to book for anyone interested in beginning meditation as a method of increasing wisdom.

Volume 4 of the personal transformation series is, by far, the longest: “The 7 Steps to Mastery.” It provides a complete big picture for mastering any domain. The 7 steps are beginning with reality, creating your surreality, understanding yourself, adjusting your attitude, organizing your values, improving your habits, and mastering excellent techniques.

What often attracts us to masters in any field from, say, basketball to dating is observing masters almost effortlessly employing dazzling techniques. Naturally, we want to emulate them by using the same techniques. What we don’t realize is that technique mastery is the last step, not the first step. My hope is that that book really clarifies your overall approach to any domain you want to master.

Volume 5 of the personal transformation series is an interview book. I interviewed 4 masters of zazen meditation who, together, had over 150 years of experience at spiritual training. The interviews are as fascinating as they are helpful! It makes no difference whether or not you are interested in zazen meditation: what matters is learning from masters how to develop mastery.

Again, when they are ready, you may obtain each of these books as an ebook at no cost on specific promotion days.

Furthermore, I am already working on three additional books that may interest you. One is on gaining muscle. Another is on emotional well-being for adults. The third will be, believe it or not, a children’s book! Again, as long as you receive regular communications from me, I’ll let you know when you may obtain each of these for free as well.

It’s critical to download them on specific days. If you publish a book and enroll it in Amazon’s special program, there are 5 days during the first 90 days of the book’s availability during which an author may make it available as a free download. Of course, authors lose money doing that in the short run; after all, they are just giving away their books.

However, they hope to receive in return some good book reviews. These are important as social proof for selling books. So, in the long run, authors of books that genuinely provide value to their readers will make more money by sometimes giving away their books for free.

Whether or not you are interested in my personal transformation series, if you are an author or potential author, you may be interested in Amazon’s give-away program.

If you are a reader who reads ebooks, being alive to that program can benefit you because you will be able to download ebooks that interest you for free quite regularly. The program explains why Kindle and other places on the web list books that are available as free downloads. If you watch those lists, you may acquire a lot of good books without spending a penny!


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