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Would you like your own e-business?

If so, Sitesell’s founder recently participated in a discussion I recommend. I’ll explain in this post how I discovered it, what it is, and then give you the link to the discussion.

If not, please just skip this post.

Confession: I’ve never been good at money-making.

(Can you name a single philosopher who is?)

On the other hand, fortunately, I’m a good thinker and I’ve always been healthy. Perhaps a quarter of a century ago, it dawned on me that I wasn’t going to have enough money to retire. Well, I quit my day job as a philosophy professor two years ago and I still don’t have enough money to retire!

Slowly, back in the 80’s, I started educating myself about making money. My developing the right mindset was a bit like turning an aircraft carrier around!

I read a lot of books about making money that I enjoyed reading. I’ve always enjoyed improving my understanding.

My goal was to develop another income stream that might enable me to get through old age with a reasonable degree of financial comfort. For that, mere understanding is insufficient.

I evaluated all kinds of concrete options from my own catering service to popular writing. I actually tested some, too. For example, I wrote a novel (but my literary agent couldn’t find a publisher). I was a security guard (low pay but usually lots of free time for reading). I was a real estate investor (lucrative but too many interruptions for me).

I also joined a multi-level marketing company, which I’m still in for their great products. (I never made any money, but I learned a lot from the business books, audio programs, and conferences they provided).

I wanted an e-business with high demand that I genuinely valued, which would enable me to encourage others to live better while providing them with what they wanted.

Sitesell was what I found. It came with a money-back guarantee, so the only risk was to my time. I knew I’d learn something new even if what I learned wasn’t applicable to my situation. So I signed up. Why?

In the last two decades, we’ve all come to understand that the worldwide web has revolutionized business and the pace of that revolution is still picking up.

Sitesell is an e-business in a box. It enables the average person with an average amount of brains, a good attitude, and the motivation to work hard to develop an ongoing income stream from owning an online business.

I understood enough to know that I wasn’t looking for a get-rich-quick scheme. If developing a profitable online business were easy, everyone would have one. I understood that it would take persistent effort as well as good training.

I had read Robert G. Allen’s real estate books Nothing Down and Creating Wealth. The third book of his I read was Multiple Streams of Income. He had a lot of good ideas – including a chapter on making money using the internet. Hmmmm, very interesting.

The fourth book of his I read was Multiple Streams of Internet Income, which was published in 2001. It turns out that Ken Evoy, the founder of Sitesell, wrote most of chapter 11. Naturally, he pitched his own product.

Well, a decade later he’s still pitching his product and it’s better than ever. Furthermore, I’m still using it for my non-Wordpress sites such as (My best friend and co-webmaster there is trying to get me to switch this blog to an Evoy-style evergreen content site.)

The 4-step Sitesell model is easy to understand. Create excellent content on a topic you understand well. Drive targeted traffic to your site. Presell that traffic by delivering excellent value to them so they’ll come to know, like, and trust you. Finally, somehow or other monetize your site (for example, by putting AdSense on it).

Can you do that? Any regular reader of this blog has the brains to do it. So it only depends upon whether or not you have the right attitude and motivation.

Want to listen to Ken Evoy talk about it? (Supposedly this is a discussion between him and an expert affiliate marketer, but it’s mostly a monologue of him talking about how to get started online.) It’s excellent treadmill-walking material! Just click here.

Interested? If so, please read a little about it. Just click here for my affiliate link.

It really is risk free. If you sign up and at least learn what the program is, you’ll learn a lot whether or not you ever use it to build a site.

If you decide that you don’t want to do it for any reason, just ask for a full refund within 90 days.

All the risk is on Sitesell.

If you want to talk with me about it, use the comment section below to contact me.

There is a learning curve. So, if you decide to try it, I have only one suggestion: do it Evoy’s way.

I wish I had had someone I trusted really emphasize that to me when I started! All the instructions are there, but I chose not to pay attention to all of them. For my first site, I took a few of the Sitesell tools and wrote its webpages as if I were writing a book. Since I’d written books, that was easy for me.

Fool! Naturally, the site failed. When I today recall what the reader’s experience of it was, I sometimes laugh out loud!

However, I learned from that failure and started my second site. Despite my continuing tendency to go off in my own directions, that site has been a success: ranks higher than 99.7% of all the sites in the world! Since there are about one hundred ten million websites, that’s saying something. You can check its Alexa ranking for yourself.

It would have been a success years sooner than it was had I been a better student. So, please, if you test Sitesell, don’t emulate me: please follow directions!

There are no outcome guarantees in life; there are only opportunities. If this opportunity has interested you enough to still be reading this, I recommend that you check it out.

I obviously don’t know whether or not you would be a good match for what Sitesell offers. If you think you even might be, why not go there and have a look for yourself?

Before you spend a penny, Evoy will offer you a lot of proof that his system works.  Why not learn more about what might be for you a fun project that could develop into a passive stream of steady income? If my friend and I can do it, why can’t you?

Just click here to find out more.

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