The Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat

The Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat

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There is a surprising amount of interest in discovering the best exercise to lose belly fat.  It’s probably not what you think.

Abdominal fat is a sign of insulin resistance.  Insulin is the primary fat storage hormone that spikes when someone eats too many carbohydrates [carbs].  How many carbs are too many?  The specific answer depends upon the individual; the general answer is “however many grams cause an insulin spike.”

The best exercise to lose belly fat is an exercise in discretion.  Permit me to explain.

People who have difficulty with emotional overeating, binge eating, compulsive overeating, and similar disorders usually suffer from carbohydrate addiction.

Whether they are simple or comples, when digested all carbs become sugar. The only real difference is that your body digests simple carbs more quickly than it does complex carbs.

Given a choice, your body will run on sugar rather than fat (and on fat rather than protein).  If you eat even slightly more sugar than you burn, your body will store it as fat.

Spot reduction is impossible.  The best exercise to lose belly fat is the same as the best exercise to lose fat.  Which exercise is that?  It’s the dietary exercise of eating a low carbohydrate diet.

Wouldn’t such an exercise to lose belly fat undermine your health?  Not at all.  The minimum daily requirement for carb consumption is zero.  Excellent health is possible even if you eat no carbs at all!

Still, because of the phytochemicals and fiber they provide, it’s a good idea to eat several servings of low-carb vegetables and berries daily.   Restricting your daily carb consumption to 25 grams or fewer is the best exercise to lose belly fat.

If you do that even for just a week or two, you may astound yourself at how rapidly your belly fat disappears.  Just doing that may drop your weight 20 lbs. in a month.  When your belly is trim again, go ahead and double or even triple your daily carb consumption.

That’s how to break a carb addiction.  Here’s a critical tip:  until your body composition is what you desire, make no exceptions.

The best exercise to lose belly fat is really an exercise to break a carb addiction.  If you smoked cigarettes and were trying to break a nicotine addiction, would you be wise to permit yourself a cigarette each day or each week?  Of course not.  That would merely prolong your addiction.

It’s the same with carbs:  keep your concumption to 25 grams or less daily with no exceptions.  If you permit exceptions, you’ll just prolong your addiction.  It’s actually easier to make no exceptions than it is to permit yourself carb treats occasionally!

Restricting carbs may be difficult to do for 2 or 3 days.  As your body transitions from burning sugar to burning fat, you may have cravings, headaches, and similar discomforts.

However, if you just stick it out, they will soon diminish and permanently disappear.

Right now, you may not be able to conceive going a day without products made from grains (such as wheat, rice, and corn including breads, pasta, breakfast cereals, and all those manufactured foods made with high fructose corn syrup), potatoes, fruits and fruit juices, and so on.  Well, I simply encourage you to go on a low carb diet for a few days and watch what happens.  Your cravings will magically begin to vanish!

If you don’t eat carbs, what should you eat?  In addition to low-carb veges and berries, eat fats and proteins from natural sources such as grass fed ungulates (like cattle, bison, and beefalo), wild caught fish, game animals, and so on.  You may be astonished at how much your mood improves.

This discretionary exercise to remove belly fat is best combined with drinking plenty of clean water (at least 2 or 3 quarts daily) and regular walking (such as two miles in 30 minutes 6 times weekly).

Of course, it’s best not to change your diet and exercise patterns without the blessing of your personal physician — assuming that advice is based on a recent, thorough physical examination and your physician understands how our bodies evolved.  If it weren’t a chief cause of the rampant diseases of civilization such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity, the idea that humans should be getting most of their calories from carbs would ludicrous; instead, get most of your calories from natural fats and, secondarily, from proteins just like our ancestors did.

If you exercise to lose belly fat in this way, I’d appreciate your comments below.  They may encourage others to become healthier.

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