Video Marketing Tips for Attracting Traffic Online

Video Marketing Tips for Attracting Traffic Online

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Video Marketing Tips

Video marketing online is an initial requirement for every business.  Why?

Every business needs prospects [“traffic”] in order to be able to convert some into customers, clients, or patients.

Once a business is flourishing, a sufficient number of prospects may come from referrals.  Until a business is flourishing, the best way to attract prospects online is by using video.  Why?

Consider three sample facts (that I mention in the video):

First, according to ComScore, after watching a video 64% of prospects are more likely to buy.

Second, according to UnBounce, a video on an opt-in [landing] page can result in up to 80% more opt-ins.

Third, the days when a static or dead website, which is one without videos, could be effective are gone.

If you’d like a primer or brief introduction about marketing online packed with video marketing tips, I suggest that you watch the video that follows.  Even if you are experienced, it may be a helpful refresher to remind you to do something about a point or two you’ve overlooked.


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