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I do enjoy these wacos!


1 pound ground natural meat (e.g., venison or grass-fed beef)
1 envelope Taco seasoning mix (e.g., Ortega Hot & Spicy)
taco sauce (e.g., Ortega original Hot)
shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese
¾ cup water
1/3 can diced tomatoes (preferably organic without added salt)

shredded lettuce
taco shells]

Cooking Directions

Brown meat in heavy skillet. (Optional: drain fat off.)
Add seasoning mix and water.
Stir frequently while cooking to desired consistency.
[Optional: warm shells.]

Place meat in serving bowl [or into shells].
Top with cheese and add sauce and tomatoes.
[Optional: add lettuce.]


Makes 3 servings.


This is really just a more flavorful version of a cheeseburger.

Just as a buns contribute greatly to the enjoyment of a cheeseburger, so shells will do the same for wacos. There’s a delightful contrast between the soft mixture and the crunchy shells. Unfortunately, like buns, shells
are processed grain products and, so, unhealthful and high in carbs.  So use sparingly, if at all.

This is my version of tacos and I named them after my Nana who once (rather notoriously!) referred to “wacos, you know, what the Mexicans eat.”

Why canned tomatoes? They are more nutritious than fresh tomatoes. If you keep them in the refrigerator, there’ll be an enjoyable temperature contrast between them and the warm meat/cheese mixture.

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