Wisdom is being

Wisdom is being

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Wisdom is being.

Being has many names. A few them are: “Presence,” “Emptiness,” “Stillness,” “the One,” “Unity,” “the Sacred,” “God,” “nirvana,” “Buddha-nature,” “True Self,” “Mind,” “the kingdom of God,” “Peace,” “the Divine,” “the Infinite,” “the Creator,” “Allah,” “Brahma,” “the Unbounded,” and “Logos.”

Wisdom is who and what you are. It is who and what I am; it is who and what all humans are. It is the identity and essence of human being.

So you are not a human person needing to search for it; you are wisdom disguised as a human person.

Merely thinking such thoughts is insufficient for living well. Realization, which is letting go of all thoughts, is required for living well.

There are degrees of realization. An initial awakening experience is quite different from full enlightenment. The process of deepening realization is never complete; fully enlightened sages exist only in theory.

How do you realize the wisdom you already are?

It requires having faith that living well is possible for you and then letting go of your personal identity. It is, therefore, not a matter of gaining anything. How could it be? You already are what you are looking for!

It is a matter of releasing attachment to what you mistakenly think you are. Since you now identify with some of your thoughts, the way to do that is to become no-thought. Why? It is your thoughts that are blinding you to your true nature.

To use a different metaphor, thoughts are mental noise. You cannot hear the silence of being because your thoughts are drowning it out.

A philosopher is a lover of wisdom. A successful philosopher is a sage, someone who has awakened to the being within.

Especially in the west, many philosophers make the critical mistake of thinking that becoming wise is a matter of gaining new thoughts or better theories. No, it is a simple matter of letting go of all thoughts.

Becoming wise is so simple that there are not even any techniques for doing it! In the usual sense of understanding, there is nothing new to understand, nothing new to learn.

Please, though, do not confuse what is simple with what is easy. In this case, simple turns out to be very difficult. The more you are identified with your thoughts (like intellectuals), the more difficult it is to realize who you are and, so, the more difficult it is to live well. That much I can tell you from my own direct experience.

As for the rest of the words of this post and the thoughts they may stimulate, let them go. Letting go of thoughts is the way to realizing that all suffering is optional.

2 thoughts on “Wisdom is being

  1. david

    excellent post.

    11/04/2018 at 7:15 am
  2. sharon

    very helpful to see the many names of being..some I’m familiar with some I’m not yet familiar with…good explanation of why to have the goal of losing all thoughts

    12/04/2018 at 7:53 am

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