Wives Who Cheat

Wives Who Cheat

Dennis Bradford

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Wives who cheat raise some interesting questions.

For example, if you are a married man, how can you avoid having one?

If you are an interested single man or a married man who cheats or is willing to cheat, how can you take advantage of the wives of others who cheat?

If you are one of those wives who cheat or are tempted to cheat, what should you do?

This is not a topic that occupies much of my attention. Following up on something I happened to read in an email two days ago led me to Mark Cunningham’s free e-book “Renegade Hypnotist Reveals Amazing True Secrets About Scoring With Married Women!” (If you want to read it, just do a Google search for “scoring with married women.”)

I had read David Shade’s book The Secrets of Female Sexuality. Mark Cunningham is David Shade’s mentor. Each of them sells various products online and they together produced an extended DVD training on erotic hypnosis. Because the e-book was short and I knew who Mark Cunningham was, I read it.

There are many people who are interested in uncomitted sex. I have personally rejected uncommitted sex as not worth it since I was a teenager, but I’m always open to taking another look at a view. Cunningham claims that wives who cheat or who are willing to cheat are the last refuge of uncommitted sex in America.

Cunningham refers to statistics that show that at least one in three married women cheat. This reminds me of what Neil Strauss wrote in The Game: “If a woman has been married three years or more, you come to learn that she is usually easier to sleep with than a single woman.”

Of course, if you are a man looking to seduce wives who cheat, Cunningham wants you to adopt the correct attitude: “there is no such thing as a married woman, there are only women who got married!”

Wives who cheat are open to cheating because, while they got married thinking it would make their lives better, they now realize after having been married that their fantasies are not getting met. Movies, television shows, and romance novels keep their fantasies fresh; such entertainment is extremely popular.

Since wives who cheat have unfulfilled desires, why not help them by enabling them to fulfill their fantasies with you? Give them the romantic adventure they crave – while, of course, satisfying your own lust.

Wives who cheat are like girls who crave excitement and adventure. Cunningham’s basic position is that, since they are already open to a certain kind of man, just become the bad boy they want and start interacting with them.

“[F]or most women, marriage is a type of pathological trance!” If you present yourself correctly, you’ll break them out of that trance and thus be doing them a favor. Wives who cheat stray because they are not being fulfilled in their marriages.

Be the kind of man who has the qualities she values and she’s yours as a sex partner.

Cunningham details an approach using handwriting analysis. Apparently, women love it. Break the ice, get a writing sample, and it’s game on.

He explains how handwriting analysis can reveal the traits he values in wives who cheat:

She is a woman who has intelligence (which is the most important characteristic), a good imagination, a desire for more physical activity, confidence, secretiveness, generosity, a sensitivity to criticism, curiosity, blindness to consequences, a desire for attention, a trusting nature, energy, a good sense of humor and wants a challenge.

He recommends screeing for 7 negative characteristics. Even if she’s one of the wives who cheat, she should not be a pathological liar, have low self-esteem, be domineering, have a strong temper, be full of resentment, be irritable, or be subject to jealousy.

Where is it possible to find wives who cheat? He details where to go (such as gyms during the day, card stores, parties, and fashion shows) and sometimes even what to wear (for example, look like a successful businessman when you are at a bar that is servicing a ladies’ lunch).

The key is to be, and not just pretend to be, the kind of romantic alternative wives who cheat are looking for.You should be, for example, dangerous to know, assertive, tough, adventurous, and dominant.

He tells you what to do to meet her by breaking into her state and provides a list of what never to do.

After you have given her a wonderful time and enjoyed great sex, he details a clean process for ending it, supposedly without damaging either her or you.

Since breaking a major promise undermines integrity thus damaging character, presumably what he means is that the benefits available from and to wives who cheat can outweigh any damage done.

Naturally, he also thinks that hypnosis works even better than handwriting analysis and invites you to buy some of his hypnosis products.

Does this system work? For the right person, almost any such system will work and work well.

If you are a man, should you use it? I don’t know; there is no knowledge of right and wrong [click here or go to the moral well-being category and scroll down to the post “Knowing What To Do” or go to Chapter 4 of my REAL Overeating Help to understand this very important point].

(I’ve never done it. I wouldn’t do it for the sufficient reason that I don’t believe that the rewards from uncommitted sex are worth its costs.)

If you are a woman who is one of those wives who cheat or is thinking of becoming one, should you do it? Again, I don’t know.

If you are considering it, the most important point I would make is this: please realize in advance that it won’t cure what ails you. It’s true that, even without commitment, great sex can be a wonderful distraction. With commitment, great sex may be the second-most important human experience.

Even with commitment, though, it won’t cure what ails you.

In fact, nothing in the domain of Becoming is able to do that [for the Becoming / Being distinction, click here].

The only genuine solution for life’s problems is to become a sage grounded in Being. It is always better to experience Becoming from the perspective of Being than to be locked only in Becoming. Why?

As long as you are locked only in Becoming, you will always be dissatisfied. There are no genuine solutions in the domain of Becoming.

You may not know that. Alternatively, you may lie to yourself about that, and you may even believe your own lie. No matter: there is no living well in Becoming apart from Being.

So, if you are under the delusion that becoming one of the wives who cheat or taking advantage of wives who cheat will end your dissatisfaction, it won’t. It’s just another mutual using similar to any business transaction.

Nobody but you can fix you. That’s the bad news. You are on your own; nobody else can live your life.

The good news? Fixing yourself is possible and, even, simple.

What do I recommend? First focus on fixing yourself and then your relations with others will soon have a much better foundation. (That’s the policy I myself use.)

Nobody can know that this will work, and I certainly don’t know that. On the other hand, without direct experience nobody can know that anything will work.

What really matters is unrelated to infidelity.

3 thoughts on “Wives Who Cheat

  1. Cindy Correll

    If Mark Cunningham has ever used hyponsis to have sex with a woman, he should be arrested. To me, there’s no difference between that and those date-rape drugs.
    And asking the question, “If you’re a married woman, should you cheat?” You answered, “I don’t Know.” Well, I know. The answer is the same for a man or a woman, Hell No. There has to be some things in a society that are either right or wrong, no grey area in between. Our families and our society are falling apart because liberals are pushing everything into the grey area. If it feels good, do it, even if you have to hynotize to get what you want. This Mark Cunningham is a sick-O. If I were you, I wouldn’t read any more of his books.

    29/08/2011 at 12:08 pm
  2. Dennis Bradford, Ph.D.

    Thanks for your comment.
    I disagree that there are absolutes concerning right and wrong, but I do think that there are absolutes involving good and evil. All judgments concerning (concrete) right and wrong are relative and subject to error (as I have argued in print multiple times). Since the consequences of an act are unknowable and yet relevant to the moral evaluation of an act as right or wrong, it is impossible to know the difference between a right and wrong act. On the other hand, all judgments concerning (abstract) good and evil are knowable. The book I recommend to read on this is Panayot Butchvarov’s SKEPTICISM IN ETHICS.
    Only fanatics are attached to their own views about right and wrong, and fanatics are the opposite of philosophers. (There are many more fanatics than philosophers, sadly.) I’m a philosopher, and I’m willing to question or examine all concrete judgments because, with the possible exception of first person judgments describing states of mind (for example, “I seem to see something blue”), they are all infected with the possibility oi error. Anyone who thinks that is incorrect must demonstrate coherently how we can have knowledge of all future consequences, which I don’t think is possible. It’s certainly not possible for me.
    As for hypnosis, I imagine that Cunningham would reply that people cannot be hypnotized to do something they don’t want to do. That claim is certainly a common one. If true, it means that people will not do anything under hypnosis that they consider wrong. He claims to have trained over 300 women to be sex slaves. If both those statements are true (and I don’t know that they are), then my conclusion is that a lot of women want to be sex slaves. It seems true, at least based on my own understanding, that many, perhaps most, women are sexually submissive and want to give up control in the bedroom (to someone they trust, of course). Such loss of control (and, hence, responsibility) is often regarded as a privilege.

    29/08/2011 at 7:57 pm
  3. Ky Keicher

    I don’t know if Mark Cunningham is a sick-O or not. What I think is irrelevant anyway. I do think he’s probably concerned with his own satisfaction and he’s concocted a very sophisticated method in which to achieve it. Cindy seems to know what’s best for all men and women which means she may be too attached to her own value system. Interesting topic but way too over intellectualized for me.

    30/08/2011 at 10:57 am

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